Assignments of Note

Assignments of Note

Every course has assignments, but do they get the attention they deserve or do the same versions end up in the syllabus year after year? How much variety is there in the assignments students complete, in degree programs, or even across their years at the institution? Bottom line: we think there’s more that could be done with assignments, and this feature aims to provide examples—ones that illustrate innovative approaches and thoughtful attention to design details.

Each Assignment of Note distills the salient points of a scholarly article on a particular assignment and presents it all in an easily digestible format. When possible, we’ve even reached out to the author of the original article for an update on what they’ve learned since the journal article was published.

All the assignments featured in this resource collection

  • address problems and issues confronted by many faculty at all types of institutions;
  • link the assignment design to relevant research and theory;
  • can be used with different kinds of content and in a wide range of courses;
  • are new, innovative assignments or creative alternatives to familiar assignments;
  • include all the details necessary to implement the assignment; and
  • have been assessed for effectiveness in some systematic way.

Below are links to the articles in the collection:

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