upcoming themes and deadlines

January 2024: Preparing to teach (deadline November 20)

Potential topics

  • Syllabus concerns 
  • First-day-of-class activities 
  • Setting the tone for the course 
  • Ways to build relationships early in the term 
  • Issues peculiar to teaching a new course midyear

February 2024: Inclusive teaching (deadline December 18)

Potential topics

  • What the research says about the connections between inclusivity and student learning
  • Challenges of building inclusive learning environments where DEI is under threat
  • Culturally responsive teaching strategies suitable for a wide range of courses
  • Strategies for navigating difficult discussions (in class, one on one, etc.)

March 2024: Academic integrity (deadline January 15)

Potential topics

  • Student (and faculty) beliefs about academic integrity
  • Reasons that student cheat—and how to address these
  • Convincing students of the importance of academic integrity
  • Plagiarism—ways to prevent it and how to address it when it happens
  • Building trust and accountability
If you have questions about upcoming themes or suitable topics, please contact The Teaching Professor‘s managing editor, Jon Crylen (jon.crylen@magnapubs.com).

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