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Providing feedback

A Different Way to Provide Feedback of Student Learning

In August 2017, Inside Higher Ed featured an article describing a controversial “stress reduction policy” that was part of a professor’s course syllabus at the University of Georgia. The policy was intended to prevent the “profound consequences” of emotional reactions to stressful situations by allowing students to choose their own grades, opt out of group assignments, and use their books and notes for exams. The university (fueled by some heated national backlash) has since forced the professor to change his syllabus so that it is in line with more rigorous standards and practices.
time-saving strategies for college faculty.

Save Time and Promote Learning? Yes, You Can!

Teaching well takes time—time to prepare content and course materials, to interact with students in class, during office hours and electronically, to keep up...

Rubrics: Defining Features

Twenty years ago, many faculty didn't know what rubrics were, but today they are well known and widely used, both in practice and research. And like many other instructional innovations, they have come to be used and defined differently. Dawson (2017) aspires to sort through these definitional vagrancies and explains that “Rubrics are evaluated, mandated, embraced and resisted based on often imprecise and inconsistent understandings of the term” (p. 347).
online courses

Rubric Options for an Online Class

Athletes are often “graded out” by their coaches after a game, and they always know ahead of time the exact criteria that will be...
screencasting feedback

Managing Feedback

Sample APA Style feedback bank comment: A new guideline of the 6th edition of APA style is the inclusion of DOI (digital object identifier)...
Exploring the advantages of rubrics

Exploring the Advantages of Rubrics

"I don’t believe in giving students rubrics,” a faculty member told me recently. “They’re another example of something that waters down education.” I was...