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Do your writing assignment focus on the product or the process? How about your students? Where do you think their focus is? At the end of the day, our students aren’t going to take from our courses the products they developed and use them in the future. But they certainly will use and refine the skills they needed to develop that product—as they move on to other courses and well into their respective fields. When working with online instructors, I found that many will de-emphasize the writing process. They tend to assign a major project or a final paper and all eyes are on the end goal of where students need to ultimately get. But they don’t oftentimes spend a whole lot of time breaking that process down in the same way that they might in a face-to-face class. Below you’ll find a self-assessment to help you step back and reflect on how you approach writing assignments. It can serve as a helpful reminder of the various steps along the writing journey and how you can help guide students along that path. Questions for Self-assessment For more on writing assignments, read Writing Assignments: A Self-Evaluation for Students. Deidre Price, PhD, is the Interim Director of Learning Technologies at Northwest Florida State College. Since 2003 she has served as professor of English at NWFSC, where she teaches online and hybrid writing courses. Reprinted from the supplemental materials for Effective Writing Assessment in the Online Classroom, an online seminar from Magna Publications, 2017.