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Ground Learning with Interactive Panoramas

If you’ve considered using virtual reality in your course but are daunted by the tech required, there is a simple version that requires nothing more than a smartphone and free online apps. Three-hundred-sixty-degree panorama images, the kind made famous by Google Street View, can

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Marking Interactive Presentations and Lessons with Genially

One of the most important developments in online education is closing the gap between content and engagement by making online learning content interactive. Instead of reading an article or watching a video and then engaging with it later in discussion or an assignment, apps allow

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Turn Websites into Lessons with Insert Learning

One major advantage of online learning is that an instructor can use the power of the internet for course content. Instead of having to create each lesson as a lecture in a face-to-face class, they can direct students to the exceptional content that already exists

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Inject Active Learning with Follow-Along Lessons

Nearly all teachers today use PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations to accompany their synchronous lessons. At the same time, students have laptops, tablets, or smartphones open during face-to-face classes. This offers teachers the option of adding interactions to their lessons by inserting slides with questions,

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More Interactions and Less Content for Better Learning

We learn best by returning to the same content over and over, reflecting on it each time to deepen our understanding. This is because knowledge is stored as patterns of neuroconnections in the brain, and those connections are strengthened each time that pattern is activated

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Interactive Reading for Improved Learning

As teachers, we would like to believe that when students do the assigned reading, they will understand the content it covers and so can be tested on it or given new information that builds on that understanding. When students do not demonstrate understanding of a

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Using H5P to Add Interactivity to Online Courses

One of online learning’s biggest advantages over face-to-face learning is the ability to add interactions to learning content. Learning science has shown us that interactions are necessary to retain content, and thus today the best courses integrate activities directly into their learning content. But a

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How to Add Interactions to Your Videos

Retention improves when students can engage content at the time they encounter it, through questions or other interactions that move information from their immediate working memory to their long-term memory (Oakley & Sejnowski, 2018). But the modern learning management system (LMS) has not gone the

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