Team-Based Learning: Strategies for Getting Started [Transcript]

STEM students working on a problem.

Making sure students come to class prepared is an ongoing challenge for all faculty members.

With the Readiness Assurance Process, Team-Based Learning (TBL) helps instructors and students alike get past this age-old obstacle. This seminar transcript delves into TBL’s problem-solving framework and discovers how you can use it to design team activities to deepen students’ problem-solving experience.

Title: Team-Based Learning: Strategies for Getting Started
Presenter: Jim Sibley, PhD
Date: May 6, 2014
Learning goals:

  • Recognize and express how your beliefs about content and your role as an instructor affect your teaching style
  • Identify the benefits of establishing a more active, learning-centered classroom
  • Describe how to connect with the team-based learning community
  • Formulate your own first step to begin transforming your courses to team-based learning

Download the transcript to this online seminar.

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